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2. Sign in your Autodesk account. In the event that you don’t have a record, you should make one. For directions on the most proficient method to do as such, utilize Autodesk: How to Create an Autodesk Inventor ist eine 3D-CAD-Modellierungssoftware für Produktentwickler und Maschinenbaukonstrukteure. Erfahren Sie mehr über Inventor-Funktionen für Modellierung, Konstruktion, Simulation und Rendering.

Autodesk inventor ifeatures

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Click Manage tab Author panel Extract iFeature. In the Model browser, click Extrusion2. In the Selected Features browser of the Extract iFeature dialog box, click over d2 [12 mm]. iFeatures. Products and versions covered Autodesk Inventor Tutorials.

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Modify the iFeature file (.ide) before or after it’s placed in a part file. On the ribbon, click Sketch tab Exit panel Finish Sketch. Click Manage tab Author panel Extract iFeature. In the Model browser, click Extrusion2.


Some of the Sheet Metal iFeatures were  It's not difficult to generate an iFeature and use it as Punch Tool for extruded holes.

Autodesk inventor ifeatures

Tras gu. Archivos de Programa\Autodesk\Inventor 10. Herramientas → Extraer  iFeatures and iParts; Importing data from other CAD systems and making edits; Working with AutoCAD DWG files; Freeform modeling; Emboss and Decal features  ipt 2013 version file into a Sheet Metal Punch iFeature.For an unknown reason to me i cannot get it to work.Have a look at the file and see why i cannot convert to a   Oct 7, 2009 John is an Autodesk Certified Professional with a background in Manufacturing, Aviation, Mechanical Design, Civil Design, and Motion Control.
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In the Selected Features tree, right-click the path sketch, and then select Make Independent. For some iFeatures, such as an O-ring groove created with a sweep, define the position relative to the path sketch. within the original iFeature when it was created. The point where the drag.

Learn about Inventor modelling, design, simulation and rendering features. Learn how to iterate and automate your designs with the intelligent tools in Autodesk Inventor: parameters, iFeatures, iMates, iParts, iAssemblies, and iLogic. When used the context of Inventor, an Application object is returned.
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CAD utbildningar l 2012 - PDF Free Download - DOKODOC.COM

Country Kit iSpy Autodesk Inventor® iFeatures 404_MA31-5[1]. Uploaded by. Det fullständiga namnet för fil .ide är Inventor iFeature File. Om du efter Skaparen av detta filformat är Autodesk.